Month: October 2014

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asos white collection oversized clothing outfit Tao of Sophia

Going All Clean-Lined

The ASOS WHITE line is such a great addition to ASOS’s collection. I love that this line is more exclusive, and that it feels less commercial. “Playing with proportions and going all clean-lined” is what ASOS […]

Creative Workspaces

   As I wrote in my previous post, I’m gonna blog more about interior on Tao of Sophia. And I must say that I’m really excited for this. It feels like a great addition to […]

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long line cardigan all grey outfits detail shot

Shades of.. What?!

Like there aren’t enough grey shades on this web page yet, I want to add an extra shade.. to my hair. Grey hair isn’t something new in fashion. We have seen how chic and cool […]

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green knit sweater superstar by adidas dutch fashion blog

The Beauty Behind Trends

This fall’s color trend is military green. Our society creates a vision that ‘following a trend’ is a bad thing. Everyone wants to be unique. Everyone is doing its best to become its own unique version, but let’s be honest here.. What […]

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alternative apparel jogging pants terry jogger pants detail shot outfit

Perfectly Basic

  Just a quick post this week, because I’m concentrating on other site developments. Including a new concept in which I collect the best minimalistic blogs on fashion, interior and architecture. It’s called Minimal Blogs […]