Month: February 2015

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How to Apply The Creative Process

If you have been following me for a while, you must have noticed I’m quite a dreamer. The more dreams seems to be reachable to me, the more feels possible. So, actually.. my dreams are increasing stepwise. This […]

Outdoor Places

Since I have been searching for apartments to stay in the South of Europe, I’ve got obsessed with balconies and roof terraces. It was the main thing I was looking for, because that’s exactly why […]

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  It feels like I’m in a constant flow to improve my blog. The train doesn’t stop. I don’t want the train to stop. One of my goals is to make the photographs more interesting. Let […]

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Why You Should Embrace Changes

“You are changeable” “You really are not afraid for changes, huh?” Two lines I’ve heard different surrounding people saying about me. And I guess it’s true. I just quitted my beloved studio, and booked a single […]