Apartments With Ocean, Forest and City Views

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We want to get the best quality of life as possible, don’t we? Although one person is satisfied more easily than the other, we all want to be happy and healthy (and perhaps even wealthy).  But I often wonder what factors actually do have a great influence on the quality of our lives.

Personally, I dream away while I’m scrolling through beautiful houses and interiors on Pinterest (follow me here). I would imagine to feel so much happiness by living in such a house. And for the type of houses I would feel most excitement, would be apartments with ocean, forest and city views. Of which an ‘ocean sight’ probably being my favorite. Or city. (Can not choose – those combined would be heaven). Anyway, I can feel the happiness for that specific dream, and interestingly on the other hand, the future dream excites me for the present moment. But I’m not even sure if the realization of the dream would have a remarkable influence on my happiness. Like long-term.

What do you guys think? Would a dream house actually have a great impact on your happiness on a long-term base?



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