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How do you stay happy knowing fully well that all is not right? If you can’t meet up to your task, when u don’t have money, the environment it self is not organized. 14. February 2018

Thank you for the first anonymously question, and what a hell of a question, you cut straight to the point, and I like it. First of all, I’m so sorry to hear you’re experiencing difficulties in life. It sounds like you’re in a bad situation that you don’t want to be in. But I’m gonna cut straight to the point too, what we need here (you hear it coming…) is optimism. Do you get a resistant feeling when you hear the words optimism or think positively? If so, that might mean that you actually need it even more. But it’s not easy to always think positively.

I was in an uncomfortable situation in 2017 (read here). In that little story I just linked to, I still sound kinda optimistic, but I had my moments being really down and losing trust that “things would work out for me”, because they simply didn’t. One disappointment was followed by another, and if something positive happened, a bigger disappointment came after. But things were actually starting to turn around because I didn’t admit to the skepticism.

Thinking positively builds trust, and with trust, you’re able to improve the situation you’re in. Without trust, you will not be able to efficiently change your situation. It’s pretty logical, but not always that clear in our minds. After having my accident and those shitty months of recovering, I slowly had to rebuild that bit of trust that I lost. And the setbacks would only feel worse every time I had a setback again. But we shouldn’t get demotivated by the setbacks. Disappointments will keep coming, that’s for sure, but we can reduce them by building a bigger trust in life.

Do you want to change the situation you’re currently in? Can you easily say YES? That’s a really good sign, you’re halfway there. So keep in mind that you want to change your situation. You feel the importance of the word “want”?

A little trick what I always try to do is imagining something (small) happening that would make you really happy, and get that feeling of excitement all in your body. Leave the excitement there for a moment and then relax. Relax, relax, relax. And I don’t know, it’s kinda weird, but after doing that, something positive often happens (just don’t crave this positive thing to happen too much – you gotta let it go at the same time). I think this is related to meditation btw, something you could dive into. Also, would you be open to something like “the law of attraction”? If so, search on Abraham Hicks on Youtube!

Pff I know it’s a lot. Happiness doesn’t come easy. I always feel like it’s actually easier to be depressed, BUT a true feeling of happiness will be easy when you learned the trick that works for yourself. People can tell you: be optimistic, have trust, do this, do that. But you gotta do it yourself. Learn the trick that works for you and life will turn around, you will see. And you will be stronger than ever, because you finally learned it, and YOU know how to turn things around positively, no one else needs to tell you how to do it.

Good luck. Hope my words don’t sound like I try to be “wise” or whatever. Because I’m not. I just hope to inspire you with my words to start thinking differently.