What if You Want to be in Bali & Amsterdam at The Same Time

I wish I could be home in Amsterdam and be home in Bali at the same time.

I love my life in Bali and I seriously can’t wait to be back. I feel my heart making a little hop of excitement whilst imagining myself being back on the island. I love doing the daily things: finding a Warung to eat, taking away my laundry, working at a cute cafe with a cappuccino, meetings friends over a sunset drink. Just simple things that I consciously love doing every single time. I don’t even need to do greater things because I’m already enjoying the little things. I’m always surprised by how good I feel every moment of the day. I would wonder if it’s normal to be so happy all the time.

These daily things feel different back in Amsterdam. It’s not the simple things that I enjoy. Here in the Netherlands, I’m ambitious. I’m excited to develop myself further and grow my business. It gives me energy: I love feeling motivated. I have this drive to travel and see more than I already know. I even feel the need to explore other cities within my little country, just to fill in the craving to get inspired by new places. But here I sense a social pressure, and I guess even a performance pressure, which obviously accompanies with feeling like a failure at times.

Such a contrast in lifestyle now that I put it out to each other. What would be more significant to you? Enjoying the daily life or being ambitious for a bigger life?

Sorry Amsterdam, Bali still wins for now.