Bathrooms with Natural Influences

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You might know that I have this thing with bathroom interiors (#ihavethisthingwithbathrooms). I love the purpose of it; the feeling of getting fresh and having a little moment for yourself. Bathrooms with natural influences definitely helps me feeling more fresh. We are living these hasty lives and we want to take as much as we can out of one day. Don’t get me wrong, I love efficiency, but it’s it great to connect to nature while cleansing ourselves? Making us ready for the day or take a hot shower if we need a little restart.

These bathroom interiors show us how to add natural influences. If you’re fortunate enough to have a window view over beautiful nature, you’re all set with a super minimalistic interior design. A big window plus a bath or shower created out of concrete will do the trick right away. For our city people, just add some green plants to your bathroom and you will easily feel more natural while purifying yourself. And remember, wood is always good!


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