The Beauty Behind Trends

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This fall’s color trend is military green. Our society creates a vision that ‘following a trend’ is a bad thing. Everyone wants to be unique. Everyone is doing its best to become its own unique version, but let’s be honest here.. What is unique anyway? And it looks like ‘be unique’ is the new trend.

We should face the fact that human being is a herd species, and whatever we try to do or try to avoid, we inspire and influence each other. Period. Maybe we should start seeing ourselves as unique individuals in that society, whilst getting influenced by for example trends. Why trying to be unique so hard? Isn’t that exactly what will make you less unique?

I still find it funny that these Adidas Superstars became a HUGE trend. I bought them a year ago around October. I only saw them on blogger India Rose at that time. I found it cool that they are quite sporty and super aesthetic. But I would have never thought they would become such a trend. Some trends just grow because lots of people see the beauty in the same thing, at the same moment. When you think about it.. it’s quite a magical moment, isn’t it? We all agree on the same thing for a moment. And when does that happen? We are all in love with the same thing. That’s the beauty behind trends.

The thing what irritates us, is commercialism that is fucking up some trends.. but hey, we need an economy in our herd-society, right?

Zara pants and sweater
Adidas Superstar

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