Bellerose Trousers

Being back in the Netherlands for a knee surgery, I decided to stay the entire summer here and do some little trips within Europe (as far as my knee will let me). A few days Copenhagen, Madrid, Bordeaux, Rome.. Sounds perfect to me. Going back to the Netherlands for a surgery wasn’t my favorite thing to do. I actually found it really really hard to accept this situation, but I try to make the best out of it. I was longing for European cities whilst living in Bali, so some city trips definitely compromises it!

The surgery went well last week. My leg is covered in a brace that keeps my leg straight for two weeks. After that, I will get another kind of brace for four weeks. I’m tempted to use my leg again by now, but I do my best to stay patient. I secretly take the brace off sometimes, like when I visited the cute little town Naarden with my mom last weekend. I was wearing new Bellerose trousers (shop here). Comfy is the key, especially now!

bellerose trousers




Bellerose trousers
CHIELS slides
VT Bali cap
NAKD jacket



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