Blog Relaunch + Rosefield Giveaway

I might be the last person on earth who’s still blogging with enthusiasm (tell me if you are). The less blogging is hip, the more I actually do blog. This is Sophia who likes to rebel against.

I love to write and share my way of thinking. I love to be able to express myself and be creative endlessly. I love to create content, whether free flow or in collaboration with brands that I admire.

This is the new Tao of Sophia which will have a main focus on little style anecdotes and philosophy (with the eye on happiness). A concept that I started 2013 and that I will narrow down now. My aim is to update my blog daily. I will make it fast and easy like instagram is, just with more meaning to it. rosefield west village

To celebrate the relaunch, I give away a Rosefield watch of your own choice! Keep on eye on my Instagram today where I will run the giveaway.

Have a look at the current Rosefield collection already and pick your favorite one. I’m wearing the soft pink of the West Village collection which combines fine jewelry and watches. The gold Upper East Side collection is still my favorite! What’s yours?



Thank you for reading my blog! Please bookmark (I feel so old now)! I’m quite curious: how long have you been here for? Comment below! I would also love to hear your opinion on my little stories and I’m open for any (ANY) feedback!

Let’s make blogging cool again!