Bringing Back Authenticity Into The World of Social Media

How real is the life that we show on social media? It’s a discussion that recurs all the time, both in media and in my personal life. People are annoyed by how things flow on social media. Skeptical eyes are on us all the time. It’s interesting to see how everyone seems to be able to become an influencer nowadays. What is real? And what is fake and maybe just set-up for Instagram?

People around me are deactivating their social media accounts out of annoyance or conservative ideologies. And I understand them completely but I love that we are able to express ourselves on social media. It’s just a shame that it’s so much ego based nowadays. Instagram should exclusively be to express yourself, not to boost yourself with ego that doesn’t mean anything anyway.

I’ve been trying to break through my blogging routine the last couple of months, with the aim to show an authentic Sophia and showing a true lifestyle that I live. It’s an interesting and creative process of finding a good balance between authenticity and commercialism. Yes, I do earn money with blogging and brands ask me to create content with them. However, everything that I say is honest and is created with enthusiasm.

For some people, demonstrating an authentic lifestyle means showing not only the good stuff happening but the drama and struggles as well. I find it important to express my genuine thoughts and visually good imagery. If this means showing a bit of pessimism, I wouldn’t feel ashamed to reveal it, but it would never be my intention to put a focus on negativity within my mind, neither so on my blog.

I see it as a little mission to make the world of blogging and instagram pure again, accompanied with a positive vibe. Who is taking part in a trip to authenticity?

In order to maintain authenticity, the new Tao of Sophia:
◙ uses hashtag #sponsoredtao for paid posts.
◙ will not set-up something just for instagram. Everything that I do on instagram, I really do.
◙ laugh when I laugh, look moody when I’m moody.
◙ keep on using filters and photoshop, because I find it important that photos look good visually.
◙ aim to post the look same day as wearing it. It might not always be achievable though.


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