A Few Days in Budapest and Stay at The Magazine Hotel

A city I was curious about for years and I finally got the chance to explore: Budapest. A city that feels Southern as Spain, trendy as Amsterdam and classy as Paris. Yet it has its own unique and interesting vibe.

I stayed at probably the coolest hotel of the city, The Magazine Hotel. I don’t like cliche statements, but I say it anyway: interior goals to the max. The decoration is retro and minimalistic, yet colorful.



We had a view of the St. Stephen’s Basilica and over the square from our Panorama room. I would sit in the window and watch everything happening down there.

I would be content for hours by just sitting there. A view like that is so relaxing and inspiring. How good would it be to live in an apartment like that?! Although I can’t wait to be back in my Bali apartment and watch sunset from my balcony with view over the greenery of my neighborhood.

basilique budapestpanorama room view


The architecture in Budapest is amazingly beautiful. The city is saturated with classic buildings. Exactly what I’ve been craving to see the last couple of months.

“The city is saturated with Beautiful, classic buildings.”

We had a sunset drink at 360 Bar with (again) the most amazing view over the city and hills surrounding the city. So beautiful! Another tip for drinks is Mazel Tov! I met the owner of Borneo Line there for a talk about her city. She used to live in Bali for eight years, but she moved back to her beloved Budapest. It was so interesting to hear her story about Bali and how she has seen the island change to one big tourist spot.


a la maison grande budapeststreets of budapest


A La Maison Grande is the place to have a huge lunch. Eggs Benedict, waffles and pancakes.. You know what we’re talking about. The cafe is in a relaxed neighborhood. I have such a good memory of that moment! I always love to sit outside a cafe on a street with people walking by.

I refer you to my instagram if you’re curious to the clothing pieces I was wearing these days in Budapest.



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