Cabana Cartel

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I shot these photos for Cabana Cartel back in Bali several weeks ago. Cabana Cartel is a new swimwear brand launching mid September, founded by my Aussie friend Rachel Rodrigues. We became friends in Bali this year and I’m quite closely involved in the startup of the brand. It’s so interesting to see Rachel going through the process of setting everything up, coupled with ups and downs, because there’s more to it than you can imagine right now. Way more.

Cabana Cartel is highly inspired by Mexican beaches, so for this shoot, we aimed to go for that Tulum feeling with a vintage touch. Even though I can be described as ‘the typical monochrome girl’, I can identify with the colorful designs. I feel there is more to it; Cabana Cartel symbolizes a certain lifestyle. A lifestyle which is.. everything?!! Read below.

Inspired by our travels across the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Indian oceans, Cabana Cartel was born out of a desire for versatile pieces to be worn from the beach to the bar. From the sandy shores of Uluwatu to the beach clubs of Tulum, #cabanagirls have an insatiable appetite for romance and spontaneous trips away. Find us beneath swaying palm trees or a poolside cabana. Always searching for that perfect sunset or hidden island cove, an endless love of the ocean keeps our hearts wild and spirits free. We are Cabana Cartel xxx

Cabana Cartel not only focuses on having fun and being free, Rachel actually has a great vision on sustainability and makes sure we minimise our environmental footprint when having fun in the bikinis. Talking about fun, an exciting extra feature: some of the styles are reversible and mix-and-matchable.

Guess what? I return back to Bali the end of this month – with a one-way ticket this time. I can’t wait for Cabana Cartel to launch and see it being worn by.. you guys?! Be sure to follow @cabana_cartel, so you won’t miss all the updates! Oh and btw, web shops is being designed by yours truly.

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