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Outdoor Places

Since I have been searching for apartments to stay in the South of Europe, I’ve got obsessed with balconies and roof terraces. It was the main thing I was looking for, because that’s exactly why […]

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In Love With a Memory

  One of the reasons why I was dreaming about my own studio, was to have a space to do indoor photography, with the aim to develop my photography skills further. I’m excited to show […]

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brick wall green plant trend interior

Brick Wall

The brick wall keeps on appearing in conversations I have with people. It might be me who loves to talk about something she loves, but it’s most likely the strong look of a brick wall […]

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The Story Behind My Studio

Warning. If you can’t handle some spacey talk, stop reading here. This post is going to be quite idealistic and dreamy ;) I had such a weird experience two weeks ago. I couldn’t sleep for […]

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LA Model Stories

  You have probably seen these photographs already a thousand times, just like me, but they are too good to not publish on Tao of Sophia. This editorial “LA model stories” is photographed by Annemarieke […]

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pistache studio dinner space vosgesparis industrial interior

Raw Tropical Interiors

I’m very much in the mood for raw spaces. With a touch of the tropics please. source: unknown source of the first two images, but found at Pinterest. The last two photos are of Pistache […]

Infinite Architecture

As two of my blogger colleagues are graduated architects (Laura and Dena), I have no right of being knowledgeable about architecture. But I can show you what kind of architecture my eyes are attracted to. […]

Creative Workspaces

   As I wrote in my previous post, I’m gonna blog more about interior on Tao of Sophia. And I must say that I’m really excited for this. It feels like a great addition to […]

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Every End is a New Beginning

The roadtrip is coming to the end. As I’m writing this, we are heading back to Amsterdam in our car. I can’t realize it’s the end already- it doesn’t feel like an end. It feels like a […]

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Last sunday, I started a roadtrip to the South of Europe, together with my best friend. While this is only the third day, it already feels like I’m away from home for a week. We […]