Category: Philosophy

Fear of Getting Too Much

Whilst sitting in front of the TV with my family, my mom complains about the amount of programs and documentaries she still has to watch. She explains that she doesn’t have enough time to watch […]

New Beginnings is my Addiction

I’ve been moving places for almost two years now. Going back and forward from here to there. Being bored easily makes me wanna jump from place to place, but let me explain why I feel […]

Why I am Focussed on The Law of Attraction

The idea behind the Law of Attraction (LoA) is probably must known from “The Secret”. Their approach is super commercial, which takes away reliability in my eyes. By creating such a mysterious thing around the law, […]

Be Kind to Yourself

This is seriously my best ‘life hack’. So simple, but so important and really effective to get more self-love. I find many people too strict with themselves. The relationship with yourself is the most important one […]

A Personal Story About Finding Happiness

Ubud, Bali ’16 Although I’ve always been a grateful person, happiness wasn’t present all the time. As a kid, I felt locked into being a kid. I guess this sounds strange for most people, but […]

The Moment of Inspiration

Teguise, Lanzarote – Dec’ 15 Some moments are beautiful, visually beautiful. You are walking down a road of raw nature, you feel the sun from reflections on the ocean on one side of your body, […]