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The Moment of Inspiration

Teguise, Lanzarote – Dec’ 15 Some moments are beautiful, visually beautiful. You are walking down a road of raw nature, you feel the sun from reflections on the ocean on one side of your body, […]

The Reason Why I Always Wake up Early

  This morning, my brother mentioned: “I don’t understand why you always wake up so early. You are your own boss, you can decide to stay in bed.” Despite that my biological clock still thinks […]

How to Easily Practice The Law of Attraction

Whilst trying to close my journey with a warm bath in Vietnam, I’m getting aware of the inspirational impact Asia had on me these weeks. I already felt home the first day wandering around Seminyak, […]

Why I Want to Feel Like an Individual

Remember when I was talking about a minimal lifestyle and how I was longing to feel alone without possessions or surroundings. Whilst having traveled for several weeks now, with my stuff squished in a backpack […]

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Why I Think Depression is Easier than Happiness

Seminyak, Bali | October 2015 We all get in touch with depression somehow. Through surroundings or maybe you have experienced depression yourself. Stopping the downward spiral and breaking the vicious circle might be the most important step to take, […]

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How to Apply The Creative Process

If you have been following me for a while, you must have noticed I’m quite a dreamer. The more dreams seems to be reachable to me, the more feels possible. So, actually.. my dreams are increasing stepwise. This […]

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Why You Should Embrace Changes

“You are changeable” “You really are not afraid for changes, huh?” Two lines I’ve heard different surrounding people saying about me. And I guess it’s true. I just quitted my beloved studio, and booked a single […]

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How to Let go of Anger

We all have those periods when things are going a bit rough and complicated. It feels like I’m on the edge of such a period. I’m glad to be aware of it so I’m able […]

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Welcome to my Philosophy

During the days I actually had to learn for my school exams, I apparently thought the more superficial fashion was more interesting to keep up with. Instead of reading books about biologic stuff like metabolism, […]