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Bellerose Leopard Raincoat

I’m not addicted to bags, not to sunglasses, not necessarily to shoes (okay just a little). I’m obsessed with coats and jackets. I style my outfits depending on the coat that I want to wear. […]

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loavies yellow shirt

James Smith Slides

I always pass this cute little village Muiden when I drive my scooter from Amsterdam to my parents. It’s my favorite few minutes of the hour bike ride. It feels like everyone is enjoying their […]

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City or Island Girl?

I was living in the West area of Amsterdam this week. The city in which I’m born and lived for one-third of my life. Even though I often don’t remember every street name by a second […]

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Bellerose Oversized Blazer

I drove down to Bloemendaal with my best friend last weekend. It was a sweet reminder of how much I actually love the Dutch coast. It feels utmostly relaxed without being boring. If you’ve been […]

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Nümph Coat

I visited the mill “Hollandia” where my last name comes from, given about two centuries ago. Molen means mill in Dutch. How cool is that? I also had a coffee at Weesp with my mom […]

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gestuz leather skirt

Catarina Martins Boots

I was wearing this outfit one of the days in Copenhagen. The patent leather skirt is by Gestuz, the coolest Scandinavian brand in my eyes. And uhh, patent leather… I guess I don’t even have […]

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Traditional Chinese Jacket

Summer in the city, big time! The weather has been insanely good in Amsterdam. I LOVE hot weather, it feels so comfortable to my body and mind. What is your favorite weather? I was wearing […]

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loavies look

Loavies Checkered Skirt

  I’m slowly doing more, step by step. I never knew recovering for knee/leg/foot problems is so time-consuming. I’m kinda losing my patience, but I got a solution for that: just start doing more stuff! […]

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Public Desire Slides

Being able to wear my patent leather pants again, without sweating my ass off, makes me want to wear it every day. As you might have noticed on my instagram. Even whilst rehabilitating. The brace […]

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Rehabilitate in Style

Rehabilitating from a broken leg and surgery means staying in a lot. Although I try to get out once a day, I’m quite tied up at home. I’m used to be home a lot (my office […]

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bellerose trousers

Bellerose Trousers

Being back in the Netherlands for a knee surgery, I decided to stay the entire summer here and do some little trips within Europe (as far as my knee will let me). A few days […]

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madeleine issing ring

Loavies Skirt

I’ve been quite busy since last week: doing several photoshoots for Cabana Cartel, moving apartment, fixing up my Honda and other work related things. I actually don’t like to be busy, I hate to have […]

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Pinstripe Overlap Blazer

Yesterday, me and Gabriella went for a Frappé to 9/11 Cafe & Concept Store. It’s such a cool place in Denpasar, but not too far from my home. You will not really find tourists here as […]