Changing Environments with Sk-II

I recently saw a campaign of SK-II with Chiara Ferragni hiking Californian mountains. I’m always super impressed by Chiara’s success and I have such a soft spot for dry natures, so the campaign video caught my eye.


Switching from an oceanic to a tropical climate. That’s what I did exactly one year ago. I’ve been living in Bali, Indonesia for about twelve months now. I had to get used to the heat and humidity in the beginning. I remember I told my parents on the phone I wasn’t sure if I could stay in this climate for a long time. It felt like I didn’t always breath properly here. I missed the dry and cool air back in Amsterdam. As a Bali-based blogger I might sound weird saying this, but I’m actually crazy for dry nature, in particular deserts and dunes.


I recently flew back to Amsterdam for a surgery on my knee after having a bike accident in Bali. Whilst having a main focus on my body and recovery of my left leg, I also noticed that my skin felt like cracking. I was kind of irritated by the dry air going through my nose and respiratory tract. I was seriously annoyed by the dry air back home.


I realized I adapted to the tropical environment in Indonesia fully. In fact, I created a love for the humidity and heat. I don’t even like to have the air-conditioning switched on for more than a few minutes. I feel more comfortable and relaxed with a humid air going through my lungs rather than a dry one nowadays. My skin also looks so much more healthy in Bali. It’s more moist and bright and I have fewer wrinkles of dryness compared to in Amsterdam.


Even though my skin adapts so well to changes in the environment, changes in weather such as dryness, humidity, UV exposure, dust etc. are definitely tough for our skin and we have to take good care of it. In the video below SK-II showcase how their product, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence really helped Chiara Ferragni when she put her skin to the test in the Anza Borrego Desert. Take a look and see the final look of Chiara’s clear skin after a long trek through the harsh environment of the desert.

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