Chloé Girl

I was checking out the spring 2017 “Ready-to-Wear” collection at Vogue this morning and I went crazy for their new collection. I’m such a sucker for spring fashion. Although I do love HOT weather, I’m not a fan of showing bare legs plus a naked belly. I have this rule for myself to style a crop top with long jeans.

 If I go bare legs, I would try to wear long sleeves and ultimately even a jacket. Bali just doesn’t always let me haha. Anyway, the new spring collection of Chloé is just too perfect. All white looks with sheer tops and marine-inspired pants, navy combined with army pieces, striped jumpsuits, comfy yet chic shorts and adorable dresses. I would love to have my closet filled up 90% with this spring collection. 

The Chloé girl is the ultimate woman that resonates perfectly with my feminine side. The Chloé girl is girly yet chic yet cool. She loves earthy tones but isn’t scared for a fun twist. It’s so me. And while I’m spending some time in the Cote d’Azur at the moment, France is getting the chic side out of me. Normally, like in Amsterdam and Bali, I love to dress cool and masculine, but here.. I honestly love to wear dresses and cute tops. I would never be able to go fully-feminine, but that’s actually why Chloé is everything I need at this very moment. A chic yet cool style.


See by Chloé is the more affordable line for the younger generation who are (according to Wikipedia) starting to become more sophisticated in their styles. Sounds like the perfect line for me to dive in.