City or Island Girl?

I was living in the West area of Amsterdam this week. The city in which I’m born and lived for one-third of my life. Even though I often don’t remember every street name by a second anymore (been away too long.. or uhm bad memory), Amsterdam does feel like home.

There is no better feeling than strolling through the city, find a new cute coffee shop or restaurant and spontaneously meeting with friends all around the city. That last one seemed to be more difficult than I’m used to. Everyone appears to have their weeks planned out. “Sorry I busy this week. How are you next week”. Next week? Next week feels like a year from now. I live at this very moment and I want to do fun things now, without knowing a week before what I’m actually gonna do on Wednesday, Thursday etc. I understand: it’s the city life. I always thought I was that typical city girl, but I’m not sure anymore. I love a spontaneous day: being open for all opportunities coming along the way. Even an opportunity to do absolutely nothing at all. That’s the way how I live my life.


Sounds like an island girl? Laying down on the beach all day to work on a tan? Hell no. Certainly not me. I need an environment with lots of things going on which can lead to interesting opportunities. Yes, Bali is a tropical island, but Bali is a place full of possibilities. That’s why it’s a great place for me at the moment, but I actually wonder what other places are suitable for me…

What do you suggest? And what do you think? Where will I be living in a few years from now?


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