Cow Dance

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Let’s unlayer..

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It still might be winter, but spring fever is slowly taking over. Me. I don’t know about you, but I’m quite sensitive for sun. And blue skies. Compare me with cows dancing in the meadow after a long winter inside. Pure happiness, which might be associated with confusion and irrationality. Do you notice the diverse expressions in the photos? In my head it goes like: “Wow is it summer yet?! I think it is, Aaaaaah! Wow me hands are freezing.. Is it still winter?!”. But okay that’s me, the girl who does not understand time.

Anyway, that’s why we need layering now. Even more than during the hardcore winter months (which we have skipped here in Amsterdam!!!!!), to be able to adapt to the confusing temperatures, so that we can unlayer ourselves like an onion.

Who’s doing the cow dance with me? Please don’t take down my enthusiasm while telling me winter still might kick in..


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