Do Anxious People Actually Believe in The Law of Attraction?

I’m always fascinated to see us human being getting stuck in worries and fear negative outcomes for the future. The dictionary defines worrying as getting anxious about actual or potential problems. I think it is fearing the change and not trusting life for a positive outcome or a great opportunity for the future.

The Law of Attraction beliefs that negative or positive thoughts bring negative of positive experiences into our lives. It says you can manifest anything you imagine, whether you actually like the outcome or not.

I suddenly realized something the other day. You know why I think people are so afraid of worries becoming reality? Because they feel the power of the Law of Attraction. As soon as they imagine a certain vision for the future, they feel it might come true. The more they outthink a potential problem, the more it makes sense and feels like reality yet. It’s basically the same as manifesting your dreams. The only difference is manifesting your fears.

It makes me curious… Do anxious people actually believe in the Law of Attraction? While they might not be aware of it? Perhaps their subconscious mind actually does greatly believe in or feel the power of this law.

It is possible to learn how to become aware and letting go of this kind of thoughts and not to waste time and energy on it. I hate the feeling of worrying. It’s my worst enemy. That’s why I try to be super conscious of anxiety popping up in my head and take steps instantly so I can avoid it.

One of my favorite quotes is: “Worry is a misuse of imagination”. It shows us that we actually have a choice in what thoughts we occupy our minds with and learns us to control it.

Albert Einstein understood and practiced the Law of Attraction.
He advised: Ask yourself one question. “Is it a friendly universe?”

If you expect disappointments and believe life is supposed
to be hard, that’s what you’ll experience.

If you expect pleasant surprises and believe life can
be easy and enjoyable, that’s what you’ll experience.

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