Why I Love the Dutch Coast

strandpaviljoen noorddutch coast dunesstrandpaviljoen noord strandpaviljoen noord strandpaviljoen noord strandpaviljoen noord

I’m back in Bali since two days now, but I look back with joy at the two months I spent in the Netherlands. I visited the Dutch coast several times this summer. It made me realize how beautiful the Netherlands actually is. How could I have ignored the prettiness of my own country the last few years?

The entire Dutch coast consists of white beaches, large dunes (in Dutch terms) and stylish beach clubs. Our coast feels so relaxed, open and soft. Easy and comfortable. While tropical beaches can be pretty oppressive with all its greens, rocks etc.

It’s a bit hypocrite for me to say while I just came back to Bali for the third time in one year, but I prefer a dune-kinda coast more than a tropical one. I love deserts and dry nature more than rainforests and green landscapes. That doesn’t mean I would rather be in the Netherlands than here in Indonesia, but who knows I will end up in California eventually anyway?

These images are shot at Strandpaviljoen Noord at Bergen aan Zee.

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