Empowerment #FORCEISFEMALE with Nike Air Force

Nike is running a campaign “Force is Female” as a declaration of power. Empowerment is a state of mind, according to them. It’s a pledge to live without apology, to transcend definitions and boundaries. They challenged me to share what force means to me personally.

After making the switch from medical science to building my online company, I built a certain confidence believing I could do anything in the world. I would just have to want it. That’s all it really takes: a desire to do something or to achieve something. It also means working for it with a center of attraction, obviously, but without confidence and belief in yourself, you are nowhere near your goals.

Alongside with a huge love for what I do, I love to state that, to me, empowerment means being confident in expressing myself and to manifest my imaginations and ideas. I firmly believe in the Law of Attraction: we will manifest whatever we believe in. We need confidence to believe in ourselves and we need to trust that life brings the best to us. That’s why living with force is confidence to me.

I wear the Nike Air Force as a statement of feeling strong and confident, with a focus on manifesting my imaginations and ideas. I love to combine the sneakers with a girly dress to get that effortless tomboy look, as what I did with the Triple White. Or with a faux fur to mix classy and sporty vibes, to get a cool and interesting contrast. I styled the Air Force 1 07 SE Premium with a cute white top and black pants. I loved to bring out the chic side of the Velvet ones by wearing it with a classy lace top, a men’s pantalon, and golden jewelry.



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