Every End is a New Beginning

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The roadtrip is coming to the end. As I’m writing this, we are heading back to Amsterdam in our car. I can’t realize it’s the end already- it doesn’t feel like an end. It feels like a begin. A begin of new adventures. This roadtrip has made me realize I really want to live somewhere else for a certain period in my life. I have had this feeling for quite some years now, but this roadtrip has motivated me to follow this feeling. And now I know where I might want to start this dream- in Biarritz. This little city in the south of France, just next to Spain, has stolen my heart. Oh men.. this city has everything I like. It’s the place where surfing is born in Europe. It has that Los Angeles kind of spirit, but it’s waaay smaller than LA. Surfers walking through the city gives such a free and open feeling. It is as ‘hip’ as Amsterdam, with cute coffee shops and the coolest shops. Locals are chilling on the beach the entire day (read: in the night!) with a friends and .. alcohol. That’s how I would like to spend my Saturday evenings haha. And above all, it’s really safe. As far as I have heard, there is so little criminality. Rio de Janeiro is also a city which has the same kind of spirit and contraries, just like Biarritz. When I was in Rio, I was dreaming about living there. But I wouldn’t be able to always walk the streets on my own in the nights, and the city is so enormous. We also stayed in Barcelona, another European city with a beach culture, but Biarritz just felt so good..

Let’s make a beautiful new beginning of the end of my roadtrip. This new longboard is the first step to follow my dream.

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