Fear of Getting Too Much

Whilst sitting in front of the TV with my family, my mom complains about the amount of programs and documentaries she still has to watch. She explains that she doesn’t have enough time to watch it all. When I tell her she is probably suffering from a so-called Fear of Missing Out (FoMo), my brother makes a joke: “Yea and you are suffering from a Fear of Getting Too Much”. I learned not to take my brother’s teasings too serious, but it made me think and realize his joke might be really, really true.

I Love To Leave

The feeling of entering a plane, switch off everything and be nowhere but in the air, feels so good to me. I love to leave a place I know well, a place where I built up something, and arrive somewhere I don’t know anyone or anything yet. I don’t mind to miss out of parties or events, sometimes I’m even happy not to be able to attend. (Don’t get paranoid dear friends, you all know how much I love a good party)

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I Often Say No

When someone comes up with a cool plan and asks me to join, I tend to say “no” straight away, and I guess I often do so. I want to scream “leave me alone”, but after rejecting the offer awkwardly, I usually think twice and regret the refusal. That’s actually such a cool idea! I guess I fear people want too much from me.

I Hate to Take Photos of Everything

This might come as a huge surprise to you: I hate to constantly take photos of the things that I do. I know it’s important to capture your day as a blogger, but I often totally forget about it. Whilst going out with friends, you might find me getting confused – “Huh? What? What are we doing all of the sudden?” – at a selfie moment. If you happen to see me taking photos randomly, it might well be business related, or just out of a creative gush.

I Hate Scrolling Through Instagram

The only times I actually scroll down on instagram must be business related again. I do not want to see what people are up to. My time on instagram is either for the maintenance of my business or to seek inspiration. But to get inspired, I would rather hop onto different accounts constantly, than to go through the new post feed. I might love Pinterest more for that reason: it’s not about actuality, it is about getting inspired.

I Fear Too Much Information and News

I love living right now. I feel home in this century. I would not want to live in history or future. But the things going on in this world today, honestly scare me to death. So I’m consciously not confronting myself with it too much.

Don’t get me wrong. I like a little discussion about actuality, but I don’t feel the need to know everything. As soon as someone starts throwing information to my head obsessively, I close the conversation kindly and run away.

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Yes, I love to live in my own bubble. No, I don’t feel guilty towards society. Just a little to my surrounding once in a while I guess. Sorry dear friends, don’t take my personality too personal (wink).


  • I admire the fact that you live your life the way you want to live it, i can actually relate to you. Being away from everything to me is my way of relaxing and just being able to concentrate on me, my own bubble is my safe zone my away zone, not being on my phone or not going out is not a problem to me, I actually love it !! I love to live in the moment and not think about anything else. But not being active on social media makes people lose interest and that’s a big problem to me :/ so do you have any suggestions on how to deal with that ?! Thank you so much for sharing

    • Thank you for your comment, loved reading it! Good to hear you can relate with what I’m writing and that you found a good balance between being offline and online. Maybe that is the most important. I always find it quite ineffective to try to get people “a different” insight, so I often just leave it and choose for my own peace. Thank you Aya!

  • Love this post. I feel like I should take a leaf out of your book as I constantly feel i’m being run ragged by everything!

    Rachael xx.

  • I kind of understand where you are coming from, although I would relate much more to your mother. The world at the moment is scary and often I feel like I just want to switch off it, but then again I believe information is power and with information, I can make much more educated choices. Sometimes it can become exhausting and overwhelming, though, but I love learning and information. Although, I also am sometimes really happy not to go to parties and events 😀

    • Love your comment Lii! It’s cool to hear you can relate more with my mom (I will show her your comment haha). She would definitely agree with you on information being power, and I certainly understand what you mean. I guess it’s about a balance!

  • You should watch the Netflix series Black Mirror! It’s an actual series about technology and where it could lead to in the near future. Also, great read!

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