How to Let go of Anger

We all have those periods when things are going a bit rough and complicated. It feels like I’m on the edge of such a period. I’m glad to be aware of it so I’m able to stop it.

I believe we can control the way we are feeling. Whatever happens, it’s all about how you’re dealing with certain circumstances. We can handle difficult situations better with a positive and relaxed mindset, right? And you know what: we do have a choice in how we feel.

Personally, I think that going against issues that we’re facing (with all its consequences like crankiness and frustrations) will only make things worse. I don’t wanna sounds like a psychologist, but want to share my vision and make us all more aware of such situations, to prevent ending up in a negative, vicious circle. I think we need to surrender and accept the difficult things that happened. It can be really hard to accept things which feel unfair to you. But I think we have to see things the other way around. We should rather look at how easily we can accept (unfair) things, than look at how good we are in fighting it and holding on to the anger. I believe there is this moment in every situation in which you can choose: 1. to get frustrated or emotional 2. or quietly look at it with a relaxed mindset. It’s just a little moment, but you can train yourself to become more and more conscious of that moment. I’m trying to train myself in it, with the aim to solve problems in a more calm way.

Would love to hear your opinion on this subject!


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