From Ultimate Freedom to a Limited Situation I Don't Wanna be in

Life is bizarre. The one moment you might have the ultimate freedom. The other moment you might be limited in all ways.

As said in last week’s post about my accident, I’ve been working towards a life in which I can be totally independent. I’ve been seeking freedom in every aspect of my life. I quit my master’s study about five years ago and started an online business, to be able to work from anywhere I want. I started to travel and ended up in Bali about a year ago. No kids, no boyfriend, endless sunshine, enough alone time, enough fun with friends, beautiful surroundings, and awesome opportunities.

Now I live with my parents in the Netherlands again, with a broken leg, never home alone and I’m not even able to leave home alone. I sleep on the couch in the living room. I can not bring my goddamn coffee from the kitchen to the table where I’m working from. I don’t have any privacy and I feel blocked in all ways. I’m stuck in a situation I actually don’t wanna be in.

I don’t mean to make this situation seem worse than it is. I know it’s just temporarily and it’s all gonna be alright. But isn’t it weird how life can switch around like that? It feels ironic, but at the same time, I know life isn’t to be taken for granted. If I look at the bigger image, the situation I’m in is not bad at all. I’m still alive, I don’t have any pain, I have amazing people helping me and I’m rehabilitating already. Just a few weeks and I can start doing little trips within Europe and I will fly back to Bali the end of this summer.

Hi ambivalent feelings.

Life is pretty amazing, as long as you dare to appreciate.