Fusion Maia Da Nang

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A new category of Tao of Sophia: hotellife. Whilst traveling in Asia, I was invited to stay in several beautiful hotels and resorts. I discovered that hotels are inspiring me. The moment I walk into a lobby and hotel room, I feel excited and full of energy, and at the same time super relaxed. Can you imagine a better state of mind? It obviously doesn’t surprise you- because who doesn’t love to be pampered by hoteliers.. But what I find interesting, are the concepts and philosophies behind the hotels, what they do to make to you feel pampered. Everyone got its own, special story. Let’s discover them on Tao of Sophia, whilst capturing them in my own way.

A few months ago, Fusion Maia asked me to come to Vietnam to help them create an innovative blog and train their staff to blog and use social media. Totally being flattered, I booked a flight from Bali to Saigon. I finished the workshops last week. Although giving workshops doesn’t come natural for me, it was a unique experience. Mostly because of the staff attending the classes, who all had such soft, refined and spiritual personalities. They made sure I would understand the Fusion Maia philosophy a bit better everyday- by telling me stories, showing me around, and pampering me with healthy lunches and spa treatments. Being all new for me, and feeling slightly cold next to them, I opened my mind for their way of thinking. It inspired me. And it will definitely lead to new content for Tao of Sophia.

It quickly became clear to me that Fusion Maia’s main goal is to get their guests relaxed and positively awakened. Besides treating their guests with all-inclusive spa, they vibrate positivity by architecture and interior design. Whilst writing this article, arousing quotes are staring at me. Or maybe I stare at them, who knows. “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” But most importantly, the staff vibrates positivity by their personalities. They put a lot of effort in making the guests feel extremely comfortable. And it works.

I’m back in the Netherlands now. People around me told me I look different, that my face looks so relaxed. While stress of the daily monotony is slowly hitting me, I try not to be led by the tension around here. That’s the influence Fusion Maia has on its guests.

Location: Da Nang, Vietnam
Website: maiadanang.fusion-resorts.com
Stars: 5

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