buddha to buddha bracelet the hoxton hotel amsterdam

Getting Aware and Letting go of Poisonous Thoughts

One of the most important things in mind healthiness is being economical with your energy: what kind of thoughts and subjects you pay attention to. Some thoughts are poisonous for your mind, others ones are healthy. But how do you let go of the subject before it might have a negative influence on your mind?

buddha to buddha bracelet the hoxton hotel amsterdam

I believe you have to (learn to) practice your mind yourself and find out what works for you. Forget about google, forget about books, forget about Tao of whatever. Try to patiently find out yourself how to prevent your mind to be poisoned by your own thoughts. Get aware of your thoughts and how they affect your mood. Don’t panic when you permitted negative thoughts into your mind. It’s actually good that you notice it: you’re getting more aware.

buddha to buddha bracelet the hoxton hotel amsterdam

Often, the hardest thing is to let go of the subject and the thoughts that come along with it. You think you need to figure out right now. What frequently works for me is to instantly make a decision when you feel a thought produces stress in your body. Are you getting stuck in the thought process? Just let it go for now and trust another moment will come in which you can unriddle it more easily. I’m always surprised how struggles are solved effortlessly when I face them with a calm heart.

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Photos shot by Charlotte Faber in The Hoxton hotel in Amsterdam. This post is sponsored by Buddha to Buddha.


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