Harley Davidson Sweater in Madrid

Having spent several days in Madrid, I feel inspired to write philosophical stories again. And so I did all night long. It’s my favorite topic to write about for sure. But not always the easiest. I can’t just randomly start writing about philosophy just as I do for fashion or travel, as I really got to have a clear philosophical topic in mind.

Last night, I started writing an article that I’ve been wanting to write since the start of my blog: connecting science and spirituality. After having finished my science bachelor back in the days, I noticed I had quite a different perspective on life than most of my fellow students.

Those five years blogging, I wasn’t spiritually ready for writing what I actually wanted to write about. But now I feel like I’m getting there. It’s such an interesting process. It might still be several days before publishing the story, but keep an eye on the blog!

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