From Hating Coriander to Loving Coriander


I remember the moment I was introduced to coriander really well. It was about eight years ago when I was still working on the OR-complex in the academic hospital. Because of a special occasion, they served us Asian food that day. Whilst trying the noodles in my dorky, from-head-to-toe blue suit, I got one of the biggest shocks in my life. What the fuck did I just put in my mouth? I was disgusted by the taste of these noodles. My friend told me it’s a herb called coriander that I didn’t like – and she was so kind to explain to me that it’s quite a common herb to despise.

The coming years, I tried not to avoid coriander. I was actually really curious why my mom loves the herb so much (as I didn’t understand it at aaaall). I slowly got to understand and appreciate the herb more and more (read: year by year). Until I reached the point in which I can say today: I fucking LOVE coriander. I would often go to this little restaurant in Bali for their smashed avocado. I dislike the place, but I would just go there because they put a massive amount of coriander on top. Unchopped stems of coriander. So yummy, wow!

From Hate to Love

What happened here? Did I get used to the herb? Did my perspective change? What can we learn from my love-to-hate coriander experience?

I think it’s remarkable how our perspective can switch like that. If you can go from hating coriander to loving coriander, I’m sure we can go from hate-to-love in any situation. We are able to change our mindset on everything. It means that you can choose whatever emotion you prefer to feel. Although hate obviously is a big word in my coriander story, I do prefer to feel love over hate…

Change Your Perspective to Whatever You Feel Best in

Wouldn’t we feel better when we would concern anything with curiosity and try to understand why there are different opinions? The negative experience might feel unpleasant, but when we would respect it and not fight it, it would rather feel like a relief. A fight always brings us closer to the negative feeling, but respect helps us to accept it.

The biggest step into changing perspective is probably believe that you have a choice in how you feel. Your personality and preferences aren’t defined from A to Z. On the contrary, life is super changeable and flexible. Let’s try to flip our negative perspectives in positive ones altogether. Share your experiences below! (the comment section wasn’t working last the few weeks, but it’s back up now!)


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