How to Easily Practice The Law of Attraction

Whilst trying to close my journey with a warm bath in Vietnam, I’m getting aware of the inspirational impact Asia had on me these weeks. I already felt home the first day wandering around Seminyak, Bali. I enjoyed the different cultures and I met so many inspiring people. Uncountable. And all kinds of. Typical travelers, laid-back surfers, spiritual people, creative entrepreneurs and other people working online just like me. Random people, but people I don’t meet so quickly in Amsterdam.

Asia definitely inspired me to keep on dreaming big. I saw a lot of my dreams turn into reality the last two years. And here it gets interesting for you… YOUR DREAMS ARE POSSIBLE TOO! I explained the creative process on Tao of Sophia a few months ago, which basically is ‘the law of attraction’. It might take some practice to understand the process. I have been skeptic the first years after I was introduced by it. Everything is possible: it sounded too good to be true. Also quite vague and spiritual. But because I experienced dreams coming true with a certain mindset that I had, I consider it as a fact now.

It feels weird to say that you should try it out yourself. If you are going to consider it as an experiment, it’s not going to work out, because you will be too much oriented on the result and try to criticize it. That’s why I want to make it more simple for you, how to easily practice the law of attraction. Try to purely focus on the positive feeling you gain by thinking of something you want. The moment you’re dreaming about it, it feels realistic already, correct? That’s exactly the feeling I’m talking about. This is the power which creates the possibility automatically. Just focus on that, and don’t tell yourself afterwards it will never happen, because then you are going to attract exactly that outcome. Yup, that’s the law of attraction.


“Keep on dreaming big”


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  • This is such a great post!

    I’ve been utilising the law of attraction in my life recently and its made such big impacts for me over the past 6 months.

    If you can dream it and if you can speak it – you can do it.

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