She Hungers to Espace Again…

And she hungers to escape again…

I have an unbearable lust to leave. To leave the country I’m born in. The “fear of getting too much” comes to me again.

I guess I feel some sort of anger when I’m here. I’m bothered by the way life is lived. A life that is full of threats and fears. A life that’s lived with pressure, causing burnouts and depressions. A life that only knows how to solve issues with medicine and therapy.

Maybe I should stop reading the news. Just like I don’t read any news in Bali… Maybe I should stop soaking up the struggled words of my surroundings. I don’t listen to them when I’m in Bali…

But how can you ignore things happening closely around you?

I try to hold on my Bali mindset, but whilst wondering about the depressions happening around me, the annoyance takes a hold of me… It gets to me, it starts to affect my own mind. I’m getting nauseous of annoyance. Because of course: anger is the murder of a balanced mind. Who didn’t know?

But it’s true. We human being influence each other continuously. You might believe one thing, but if you’re only surrounded by people who believe the opposite thing, how would you stick to your own belief? And how would you feel content in a place that doesn’t aspire you to feel good?

Maybe more of us should leave. To get influenced by different cultures, to expand our minds, but above all, to relax our minds. And then, bring back that new consciousness home to reflect it on your surroundings. Maybe that how we can change the world we live in today.


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