Individual Standards

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 I’ve been in Paris this weekend, just a spontaneous trip with my friends. We had an apartment in Saint Germain and walked around Le Marais, Mont Martre and along the Seine. So happy to have my favorite city just five hours away from Amsterdam!

I would like to start a different topic now. There are a lot of discussions on the fakeness behind fashion blogging going on at the moment- bloggers (consciously or unconsciously) trying to show a “perfect” lifestyle. I don’t want to debate this and I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, but I’m glad that more of us are starting to realize that there is no such thing as living the perfect life. I don’t think perfect does even exists. If it would.. imperfect would still be more interesting. Maybe the imperfect is perfect.

I love the unplugged concert of Lauryn Hill and I must have listened to it a thousand times. Below, I’m sharing a text said by her in the concert which is great for the realization that there is no such thing as perfect. She defines it even better as the ‘standard’.

“It’s doing your passion and fulfilling your passion. That’s how we’re thankful. That’s how we say we appreciate the opportunity to be alive. And I’m just glad that I, you know, I don’t have to slave anymore. Music was my love, and because of everything I thought had to accompany my music it became my burden. It just got stolen from me. I said ‘what is this? How did this thing that I love so much so easily and so quickly turn to something I loath and hate? And so now, you know, I understand that it was because I was measuring myself or trying to compare myself to a standard that wasn’t reality. It wasn’t the standard at all. There’s a scripture in the Bible that says ‘We compare ourselves amongst ourselves’. That’s not the standard. You already are the standard. What are you trying to fit into a standard for? We were each created to be individual standards. And we’re trying to fit into a standard? It doesn’t make any sense. So now I’m just ready to be me. And it’s a lot to work through, you know, because all of us have hidden in these little boxes purposely, because of parts of ourselves that we were unhappy about. And it’s because we didn’t understand, because there’s all this social doctrine that says that the infinite God, with all this expression, who created every single one of us, absolutely different, on purpose, wants everybody to fit into the same suit. That’s deception. That’s deception.”


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