Infinite Architecture

As two of my blogger colleagues are graduated architects (Laura and Dena), I have no right of being knowledgeable about architecture. But I can show you what kind of architecture my eyes are attracted to. I have been surrounded with my brother, who is an architect, the last few weeks here in Brazil. I helped him creating his online portfolio, we shared opinions about architecture found on Pinterest and has visits at Brazilian buildings. This caused me to pay careful attention to architecture, and form a slight opinion about it. I found a love for ‘infinite architecture’. It’s not really a well-known term, but I think it describes these buildings pretty well. Most are designed by Alberto Campo Beaza, and the last one of the right is called ‘the house of the infinity’. The serenity found in the architecture is amazing. For me, it’s closely related with philosophy, because it influences my feelings and mood. Can you imagine what you would feel being around such a building?

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