INK Hotel Amsterdam Review

On holidays at home. How is that possible? Well, I’m not really sure what to consider more as home nowadays: Bali or the Netherlands. Not that it matters, it comes down on the same thing to me. Anyway, I went to visit my friends and family in Amsterdam for a small three weeks and stayed a night at INK Hotel in Amsterdam. A trendy place to stay with an interesting mix between luxury and hipster easiness.


The restaurant of INK used to be a PRESSROOM in the old days. It has a cosy and warm ambience which made me feel at home straight away. We had a delicious three courses dinner with a good glass of red wine (definitely one of the highlights as.. Bali and wine doesn’t go together so well). We choose to go for a meat-based meal for every course to experience an ultimate wintery dinner.

Experimental Cocktail at The Bar

After the great meal, we hang out at the bar for a coffee and an experimental cocktail at the bar. The mixologist told us they are always mixing new cocktails and trying out different things all the time. He made us an interesting cocktail with gin, ginger and blood orange juice. I remember the bitter and slightly sweet taste triggering the taste sensors of my mouth.

Close Your Eyes

We were spoiled with some chocolates and another glass of red wine in our room (happy as a kid). I love spending nights in hotels. Being in a different environment, sleeping in a king-sized bed, a cute view on Amsterdam houses and being pampered by luxury. Our INK room had a bathroom sink in a cool, old-fashioned cabinet. Definitely the coolest part of the room.

Hotel Breakfast Are The Best

I might have told you before that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. You can make me really happy with a buffet full of different kinds of breakkies: baguettes, good cheese, yogurts, English breakfast etc. And that was exactly what INK has going on at PRESSROOM in the mornings. We started our Saturday perfectly fine!


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