Interior Details of my Home

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Some interior details of my home. I got rid of some dark furniture a few months ago. I like put things just on the ground – for an open and light look. And what applies for my personal clothing style, applies for my interior as well – “minimalistic with a little touch of bohemian“. I love love love minimalism. Minimal fashion and interior excites me. However, extreme minimalism feels to strict for me to apply in my personal life. That’s why I love a playful touch of bohemian. Maybe other minimalists choose geometric shapes for the same reason – to add something playful – but I’m not so into geometrics personally.

A few months ago, The Village Style interviewed me about my personal style, my dreams and lifestyle. Talked with them about the same thing.

Toeing the line between minimalistic and bohemian styles, Sophia has found a happy medium that works for her. “I’m minimalistic because I don’t like too much of anything, and a bit of bohemian because I like an easy touch to the outfit,” she says, “I wouldn’t dedicate myself to minimalism fully–it’s too strict. Of course minimalism is all about clean and easy, but I see something compulsive in it as well. I like to take that down with a touch of bohemian.”

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