Let go of Control

DSC_0405tao of sophia poster

quote tao of sophia

This quote is exactly what Taoism is about; not trying to control certain things in your life.
It might be hard to not try to control something you want really badly. But you know what? Things go much more smoothly when surrender and give up control. Above all, control is fear and it’s fighting against the “thing” (I guess it’s even fighting against the universe). I know that a lot of people think that life is about fighting. They probably won’t call it that way; many will not even be conscious of that they actually feel it that way. Anyway, I personally just can’t believe that life is meant to be that hard.. And control is ‘thinking to know what outcome is best’ as well. But really.. there isn’t such thing as one “right” path. Control causes restrictions, while surrender causes a lot more opportunities. Maybe even opportunities you didn’t even knew or expected them to exist. So in contrast, it’s the surrender mode which produces better results.

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