Loavies Checkered Skirt

oval rayban vintage eyewear


I’m slowly doing more, step by step. I never knew recovering for knee/leg/foot problems is so time-consuming. I’m kinda losing my patience, but I got a solution for that: just start doing more stuff!



gestuz sweater


So, today I will just try to stroll through Amsterdam as I’ve been longing. With two crutches obviously. Coming weekend, I planned a roadtrip to Copenhagen where me and my friend will stay at Arthur Hotels.(step-by-step, right?) So excited for the first European trip since last summer!


checkered skirt loavies


I was wearing a Loavies checkered skirt and a Gestuz sweater “Authentic”. Also bought myself new converse. It’s crazy how just simple all stars can feel like the best addition to my summer wardrobe!





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