Meeki Beautylab Sneak Peak

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Meeki recently contacted me about their new nail polish brand and explained their unique concept to me. Normally, beauty isn’t really my focus when it comes to blogging, but there was something about Meeki that pulled me in. Beauty actually plays an important role in my daily life. Wether it comes to my make-up ritual every morning or care for my body.

There are hundreds of different nail polish colors available nowadays. Every color, every tone, every shade you can think of: it will be there for you. Of course this is a luxury, but too much choice demotivates and paralyses. Some psychologists even claim it to be the reason for depression amongst the young generation. Meeki’s mission is to make it us girls easier to select the perfect nail color.

Meeki comes with another collection each season; a style box with two colors, produced for different fashion styles. Wether your style is classic, modern, glamorous or natural; there will be a box for everyone. They developed a style quiz might help us girls to discover the perfect colors for our varying styles.

The shop will be launched late September, but I just wanted to give you guys a little sneak peak. I’m currently wearing the nude color of the natural style box. You know me. A cool feature is that you can built up the boxes, so that they can be stored nicely. And last but not least, the nail polish is 100% vegan. Always good to know now that we are all getting so organic conscious.

You can take the color quiz here: