Minimalistic yet Playful


There it is – my new blog design! It was quite a project and I encountered a lot of bugs yesterday when I tried to put it online. It cost me blood, sweat and tears to fix it all – but I learned even more about web coding aaand I’m so happy with the results! What do you think if it? I wanted to express the ultimate Tao of Sophia feeling. Minimalistic yet playful, spiritual yet down-to-earth, quiet and peaceful.

I’m planning to blog more about interior from now on. I have had different homes  – some for just a few months – but I’ve always paid a lot of attention to my interior. Lately, I’m even more focussed on interior, as you may have noticed if you are following me on Pinterest. But mostly – I’m searching for the ultimate space and lighting to live and work in – with the best effects on my mood and feelings of freedom. Which means I’m constantly dreaming about my future home haha – but I also try to improve my current home. Especially my workspace, since I’m spending most time there (these days from early mornings until late at night haha). Anyway, more interior on Tao of Sophia.

Another thing I’m really happy with, is this new slouchy, oversized coat from Asos. I don’t know how I can express it differently than saying I love it! I have been longing for a white coat. The fit of this coat is just perfect, as well as the texture and collar.


Asos slouchy coat
Zara biker pants
Von Lotzbeck necklace
Tarin Thomas ring
Reebok classics



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