My Favorite Taoistic Quotes That Inspire me in My Daily Life

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I have always been interested in life matters such as reality, existence and biology. After I finished my study Bio-Medical Science, I started Tao of Sophia with the aim to express my philosophical thoughts together with my personal style. I’m very visual minded and I’ve always had a clear love for fashion, but the inside world on the other hand, is always dreaming and thinking about life.

At the time I started my blog, I was reading a book by Benjamin Hoff called “Tao of Pooh”. The writer explains Taoism, which is an Eastern belief and a derivative of Buddhism, through the simplistic mind of Winnie the Pooh. Taoism felt as a recognition at the time, but also as a lesson. I would like to have a look with you at my two favorite Taoistic quotes which inspires me in my daily life, so we can learn a bit about this philosophy together.

“If you try to change it, you will ruin it. Try to hold it, and you will lose it” – Lao Tzu

The first quote is all about trying to control certain things in your life. I guess we all know the feeling (of being afraid) of losing something precious. It’s scary and painful, but Lao Tzu tries to explain us that we simply can not control the changes we encounter in our lives. I personally even believe that a more negative outcome will be the result of over-controlling. When I recall the feeling of resistance against change, I remember it to purely exist out of frustration. If I focus on this feeling, I feel that it can not give me anything positive. I see a lot of people around me being frustrated about things – a lot of things. They end up in vicious circles because the frustrations only increases frustrations. They do not (want to) understand that their resistance doesn’t solve anything, but that it only makes things worse, at least in their own minds. And the ironic thing about this all is, that the moment we start accepting the changes in our lives, we might be faced with new opportunities which can lead to even more positive events in our lives.

“Act without expectation” – Lao Tzu

It’s probably the most short and wise quote I’ve ever learned from, but at the same time, probably also the hardest one to keep in mind during the day. Because when you think about it, don’t we have expectations all the time? From expecting your boyfriend to make you a coffee in the morning, to expecting your best friend to recognize your sadness, or expecting your little brother to help you in reverse with something. Just random examples and not personally expressed (except for the last one), but just think about your own expectations for a moment. Whether small or big. And whether negative or positive. Having expectations mostly leads to disappointments or surprises. Although a surprise might good once in a while, disappointments are dangerous for our inner peace. It can destroy optimism, just because you simply had an expectation. What a shame, right? So, if we can prevent this from happening by just taking away expectations, we can quite easily leads happier lives!


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