My Ultimate Autumn Wardrobe

arizona muse 2016 early in the morning elle emfashionfiles florar embroided mom jeans freja wewer look honey t-shirt

If you’d ask me how autumn feels, I would answer: “palms, sun, beach.. ricefields? I don’t know anymoooore”. Hashtag Balilife.

Although I’m living in an endless summer, I feel that I have to keep you North-Americans and Europeans in mind. I honestly do crave coats, boots and scarves. So let’s just pretend that I’m in Amsterdam right now. What would I wear?

Bali weather always feels to same. It’s hot, sunny and sometimes it rains. It is a bit colder the last couple of days! I could almost wear a long-sleeve shirt…


photo sources: StyleCaster, Duchessdior, ELLE, Emfashionfiles, Neverfullydressed, British Vogue, Maja Wyh, Freja Wewer

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