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sunny summer outdoor relax place andalusia white village roof terrace balcony-interior inspiration plants marrocan tiles outdoor interior pinterest outdoor interior plant cactus concrete wall outdoor place wood plants interior sleep under the stars

Since I have been searching for apartments to stay in the South of Europe, I’ve got obsessed with balconies and roof terraces. It was the main thing I was looking for, because that’s exactly why I want to go South; to be able to work outdoors. Can you visualize me sitting on a balcony behind my laptop while sipping a glass of wine. Hahaha. This image is causing me to smile broadly, but I’m almost dying out of desire. I found a perfect apartment with a cute, white balcony including a view over the ocean!! Have to wait.. counting.. 7 more weeks!!!


sources: Style Files, DIY Decor Projects, La Cool et Chic, Cereal, Pinterest

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