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Domino Stalvant

Love Deeply

“If you love deeply, you are going to get hurt deeply. But it’s still worth it – I promise” – wildfiresss #taoofsophiaphotography Model Domino Stalavant (fashionbook) Swimwear Cabana Cartel Photography yours truly

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bali photographer

Secret to Happiness

“A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be.” #TAOOFSOPHIAPHOTOGRAPHY Swimwear Cabana Cartel Model Jennifer Leha Photography Sophia Molen

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santorini fashion photography

Isla Bay by Wolfcub

I’m always happy as f*ck when a new editorial by Brydie Mack is released. I would put my other work aside, take a moment for myself and scroll through the photographs. Whilst checking them out […]

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rustic interior design

Latest Interior and Outdoor Design Inspiration

I got us some coffee and interior inspiration to get us through a busy week! x sources: faithfull the brand,,, remodelista, stolen inspiration,, cabana cartel, mansion homes,,  sunday chapter, simonmccullagh

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early in the morning elle

My Ultimate Autumn Wardrobe

If you’d ask me how autumn feels, I would answer: “palms, sun, beach.. ricefields? I don’t know anymoooore”. Hashtag Balilife. Although I’m living in an endless summer, I feel that I have to keep you North-Americans […]

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Lost at Sea on The Thai Islands

I traveled around Thailand together two French girlfriends last month. As I still had to finish lots of work before the trip, I decided to book a co-working space in Bangkok the first two days […]

New Beginnings is my Addiction

I’ve been moving places for almost two years now. Going back and forward from here to there. Being bored easily makes me wanna jump from place to place, but let me explain why I feel […]

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Hunger 8.0

  Whilst traveling all the tropical Thai islands, I secretly start craving the city life more and more. I want to wear the most inappropriate fabric for the island life; leather. Most preferable thick leather with […]

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My Box for Meeki Now Available

I recently created a special edition nail polish set with Meeki and the ‘Tao of Sophia‘ box is now available! It includes two of my favorite polish colors; a white one and a pinkish nude color […]

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lack of color shoot

The ‘Tao of Sophia’ Meeki Box

Remember I gave you guys a sneak peak of the new nail polish brand Meeki a few weeks ago? I’m selecting my favorite Meeki colors for a personalized ‘Tao of Sophia’ box, which will be available […]