People's Level of Annoyance on Instagram is Lifting

Our online reputation seems to go hand in hand with our offline status. A number of followers on social media gained a significance in our society. But a certain awareness is developing at this moment. Authenticity is questioned and Instagrammers are getting exposed as frauds. People’s level of annoyance on Instagram is lifting.

Bali – A Paradise for Instagrammers?

Since I came back to Bali, the topic of “authenticity on Instagram” came up in conversations that I had with people many times, without me even initiating. If you think the island is one big paradise made for Instagrammers? Think twice. If you want to come to the island to work on your online reputation? You will be cooler with fewer followers.

What kind of behavior is it that people are so annoyed by and that doesn’t feel genuine? From the article “The World Gone Mad” I understand that Braiden Amery thinks the desire for an audience is abnormal. He’s annoyed by people who try to be a spectacle. Lian Galliard found herself in a situation in which a bartender made clear he thinks it’s ridiculous to ask for the WiFi to check your Instagram on the beach (see here). I heard people are saying their Instagram names instead of their actual names whilst shaking hands nowadays (never experienced this myself LOL). I also noticed people find it annoying to see things are just set-up for the sake of a good engagement on Instagram. A table full of pancakes, milkshakes and other sweet stuff? Restaurant owners often to throw half of it away (from a reliable source).

People dedicate too much value to Instagram

I guess the annoyance is about people dedicating too much value to Instagram, a world that’s not even around us here, but just on a high-tech screen that doesn’t live and feel. Maybe the annoyance comes from a fear to ignore our lives – not paying enough attention to that what’s around us. Because I think we actually do highly desire to live and feel – and enjoy the real three-dimensional world.

I also think we might be scared for creating a world around us that’s just about popularity and status, which causes doubtful interactions with each other. I think we crave authenticity and honest interactions.

How can we switch this annoyance and fear into genuine interactions that we actually desire?

Do you sometimes find yourself being annoyed on Instagram? Where does the irritation come from? Do you ever talk about this with surrounding people?


Does our online performance really line up with the actual people we are offline? Does our status change with the number of followers we have on social media? What is authenticity? Is it even reachable online? Also interesting: do we understand ourselves better by expressing the selves online?



Bringing Back Authenticity Into The World of Social Media