Pepejeans in Bali

After a week of catching up with my Bali buddies, I feel like I’m back on track on the island. Life runs so smoothly here, in such a special and unique way. I love the Bali life, but I also realize that I wouldn’t want to live here permanently anymore. It’s definitely a place I would always return to though. I’m making up my mind what to do next. Maybe Lisbon?

I’m wearing an oversized denim jacket by Pepejeans than I love to wear open with a bikini underneath or all buttoned up.


  • Your outfit is so cute! I really want to go to Bali, I was planning on going at the end of March but I just couldn’t afford it but now I’m back to saving up. I’d also love to go to Lisbon one day, my sister loves it there

    • Thanks babe! Where are you from? Bali is amazing to explore, but I’m really excited for the Lisbon adventure!

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