PepeJeans in Marrakech

I just got back from Marrakech and I’m still reminiscing from the beautiful days I had by looking at the photos we shot there. The colors of the city are amazing. It’s easy to make pretty pictures at every corner you will find through the city. Find my travel posts about Marrakech here.

PepeJeans celebrates denim this week: it’s the Denim Fashion Week, which means lots of cool discounts and special offers when it comes to their denim collection.

I consider denim as my to-go basic. Denim is perfect to keep things simple but slightly spice things up. I love this denim skirt from their new collection as it has such a retro feeling to it. All you will need is a T-shirt and retro sunnies to create a vintage 70s look.


This post is in collaboration with Pepe jeans


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