My Bike Accident: Predicted by Intuition or Manifested by a Mindset

When I was writing about intuition in the post about my accident, I secretly considered the possibility of having manifested the accident that night myself by having a certain (negative) mindset.

I didn’t have an overall positive feeling that night. I felt like I did things that I didn’t want to do, but I did them anyway because I felt I had to. Complicated thoughts. Boom. Ouch. There I lay down with a broken leg.

I processed and accepted what happened, and I actually don’t even really need to know the reason why it happened, but it’s a good example to research whether 1. my intuition predicted the accident 2. or the accident happened because of a certain mindset (which could be explained by the Law of Attraction).

Intuition versus the Law of Attraction. I’ve been wondering about the relationship between these two terms. I just find it so interesting, as I’m fascinated by both processes, but I wonder if they actually are each other’s opposites.

I wrote an article about anxiety and the law of attraction about a year ago. I described how fear might manifest a negative outcome, but intuition isn’t fear according to Lonerwolf (such a good article btw). Intuition feels light, fear feels heavy. So, in the case of my accident, it wouldn’t have been intuition from this perspective. It would have rather been a manifestation of a mindset that I had that night, and that’s what I tend to think.

I understand subjects like these aren’t for everyone and it might be hard to read if you’re not really into it. But those who are still with me.. what do you think? Intuition or the law of attraction? What do you tend to believe more?


  • Personally, I would not hang on any of this 2 thoughts. I would try to understand the benefits received from the event or “accident”.

    Once into this mindset, you understand that both your intuition and your mindset played a role as catalyst of the benefit you have received now.

  • Mooi geschreven Sophia! Ik geloof zeker weten in the law of attraction. Erin geloven betekent al dat je je brein leert positief te denken. Zie je hopelijk snel xxxx

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