Public Desire Slides

Being able to wear my patent leather pants again, without sweating my ass off, makes me want to wear it every day. As you might have noticed on my instagram. Even whilst rehabilitating.

daphny raes backpack

The brace (aka robot leg, see here) is to make sure that I don’t flex my leg further than 90 degrees, but at this moment, I can’t really bend it more than 60 degrees. I don’t wear it 24/7 as I don’t feel the need and I’m cautious anyway. Uhm.. Not sure why I’m defending myself right now. Pretty sure my doctor doesn’t read my blog anyway haha.

beige denim jacket

eva the labelOk, well, let’s talk fashion again. The ‘Bad Taste’ tee is a new Amsterdam based label called EVA. I love what they are doing. Impress no one and keep it real. Statements stronger than Popeye.

As an online entrepreneur, I love to work from coffee shops and restaurants. A solid bag for my laptop is essential. I’m glad Daphny Raes reached out to me, they designed the backpack I was looking for. I’m currently tied up at home, but as soon as I can walk again, I’m gonna explore new coffee shops in Amsterdam to work at, bringing my laptop within my new leather backpack! Make sure you guys check out their Kickstarter project where they pre-sell various styles.

The beige denim jacket is by Missy Empire, teddy slides by Public Desire (see below), patent leather pants by Zara en vintage eyewear by Grunge Glasses!



Thanks for reading! See you soon again! x


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